who we are

we are a student-run organization that aims to empower MIT students by bringing cutting-edge technology, new ideas, and top tech-innovators to campus.

Led by an exec team, we are split into 8 committees and throw events that include: TechFair, the annual career fair and expo; HackMIT, MIT's premier hackathon; TechTalks, a chance for industry leaders to share the latest tech with the MIT community; Blueprint, a learnathon and hackathon for high school students; and MakeMIT, MIT's largest hardware hackathon.

what we do
the team
jason ma
managing director
jennifer yu
assistant director
sina booeshaghi
corporate relations
andreea martin
finance & ir director
margaret tian
ben reynolds
student relations
larry zhang
marketing director
archis bhandarkar
elizabeth bianchini
jennifer zhang
kimberli zhong
jack serrino
Want to get involved?
Check out our committees below! We’re usually look for new members in the Fall, so stay tuned.
The Corporate Relations team seeks out and communicates with companies to bring their hottest new tech to Techfair, a career fair and technology exposition. If you love discovering new tech and want to develop your communication and negotiation skills, we'd love to have you apply!
The Student Relations team funds and coordinates student projects to display at Techfair. If you enjoy meeting people with the brightest ideas, this is the committee for you! Interested students with good communication skills and an interest in the maker community are encouraged to apply.
The Marketing team is the creative direction behind TechX - we design and deploy all branding and advertising. We're looking for [designers - no experience required, social media junkies, people interested in publicity positions], that are [organized, willing to learn, innovative].
The Logistics committee handles all the behind the scenes planning during the months leading up to the fair as well as the day of the fair. If you enjoy planning events, and are looking to develop your collaborative, management, and organizational skills, apply!
The THINK Scholars Program is an educational outreach initiative that promotes STEM by supporting and funding projects developed by high school students. We are looking for passionate individuals to help us expand our reach and make a bigger impact this year!
MakeMIT organizes one of the largest hardware hackathons, bringing together hundreds of makers and designers to our event. We are looking for those passionate in helping bring an innovative and collaborative environment to makers and hackers around the area!
As the HackMIT team, our mission is to push the forefront of innovation by providing opportunities for students to work in a high-energy, collaborative environment. We put on HackMIT, the largest hackathon at MIT, and Blueprint, a high school hackathon.
With projects ranging from behind-the-scenes, mission-critical web software to public-facing marketing campaigns, DevOps allows you to contribute to TechX while developing your programming chops. Students with coding experience are encouraged to apply for a dev position!